Acne – What you need to know?

A medical issue that typically starts at adolescence and potentially lasting to adulthood, the consequences of untreated acne are lasting and unsightly.
Safe, effective, and even permanent solutions do exist.
The sooner the problem is managed, the better.

What is Acne?

Acne is a multifactorial inflammatory condition of the pilosebaceous follicles, and form from:

  1. Imparied exfoliation of keratinocytes lining the follicle, forming a plug 

  2. Increased circulating androgen hormones during puberty stimulates sebum production

  3. Build of of the bacteria P. acnes leads to imbalance of the skin microbiome, stimulating inflammation

  4. Incrasing inflammation with rupture of follicle, leading to scarring

Can Anything be Done?

Yes! Acne can and should be addressed as early as possible. It is important to note, however, that most forms of acne are controlled until hormones stabilise and acne naturally ceases.

Patients with poor control or severe forms of acne, however, do have more permanent solutions that include oral medication that permanently deactivate sebaceous glands. Such options do tend to have more side effects and as a result are typically reserved for those who do not respond to intial therapy.

In general, patients will need a good daily topical routine, some procedures to reduce sebcaeous galnd activity, with or without oral medication.

Topical Thearpy

The first step to acne management is skincare.
Different products for acne prevention and management of active acne are often necessary, so a thorough consult is advisable before exploring the deep end of the acne product market.

Oral Medication​

Oral medication can be used to control acne outbreaks, as well as to effectively stop acne permanently.

Each type of medication has its own potential side effects so a thorough consult is advised before commencing therapy.

The Hydrafacial

Using patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin, the Hydrafacial prevents excessive dead skin buildup, inactivates oil glands and unclogs pores – all without the downtime.

Chemical Peels​

Consisting of mild acids, these peels remove unwanted dead skin, inactivate over-active oil glands and help kill bacteria involved in acne formation.

A quick and effective procedure, chemical peels control mild to moderate acne quickly.

Starwalker Laser System​

Apart from its picosecond capabilities in treating pigmentation and scars, the Starwalker MaQX is able to generate long pulses that effectively deactivate acne’s hyperactive sebaceous glands.

Morpheus 8

A revolutionary form of fractional radio-frequency technology, the Morpheus 8 utilises a multi-polar radio-frequency approach to accurately deliver intense energy to the depth of the skin while simultaneously creating a gentle bulk heating of the surrounding skin.

As the energy heats the skin, sebaceous glands are destroyed and scars resurfaced.

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