Facial Sculpting

Facial sculpting

No two faces are the same, and barely any fit the true Aesthetic Ideal which we have come to understand. Whether you are in your youth and facing simple asymmetries, or older and dealing with volume loss, sagging and jowling, small adjustments can make for appreciable, yet natural results.
Many techniques are available and are often used together to produce inspiring results, but the choice of modalities differs from person to person. A thorough consult is recommended to understand options and align expectations.

Whether in the form of hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse), fillers can help to lift, sculpt, rejuvenate and volumise the face.

Uses include:

  1. Mid-face restructuring:
    The midface acts like the strut for overlying tissue of the face. Revolumising the midface provides a natural lift of the cheeks and jowl while improving undereye appearance
  2. Upper-face revolumisation:
    Often an under-treated portion of the face, the forehead, temples and eyebrow region can all be revolumised to improve facial harmony and provide a lift to the eyebrows
  3. Lower-face restructuring:
    Fillers improve contour and definition of the lower face by adding structure to deficient jawlines, while also helping to camouflage early jowling. Chin filler is very commonly treated in Asian faces to add length and projection to the face.
  4. Liquid Lift
    Placed at specific points in the face, fillers provide an all round, natural lifting effect for early sagging.

Targeting the deeper layers of the skin, Ultherapy tightens and firms from within as it stimulates collagen and elastin production.

This helps contour the face by lifting and improving definition around the eyes, jawline and neck.

Performed as a regular radio-frequency treatment soothingly stimulates and tightens the skin effortlessly and without downtime. The Forma RF is typically paired with other procedures as a maintenance therapy.

Thread Lifts

Thread lifts provide a good avenue for patients with mild to moderate sagging who wish to achieve slightly more dramatic results.

A minimally invasive and in-clinic procedure, thread lifts reposition the skin and fat to more harmonious positions.

As seen above, options are many and the decision  can be complicated. A combination of several of the treatments above typically produce stronger results, and should be discussed during consultation to suit your needs.
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