RD 1 Skinboosters

RD 1 Skinboosters

The most intense way to hydrate your skin and give it that lasting glow – hyaluronic acid skin boosters are a favourite for many.

The skin acts as a natural barrier that prevents water loss from the skin to the environment but also protects the skin from material in the environment. As a result, attempts at hydrating the skin with topical creams is largely ineffective.

Hyaluronic acid skin boosters place hyaluronic acid – the magnet of water – exactly where it needs to be – in the dermis. This attracts the body’s natural water sources to the skin and plumps up damaged and dehydrated skin.

Most brands of skin boosters do this well as they comprise the basic material – hyaluronic acid.

Enter: Teoxane's Redensity range.

Teoxane’s Redensity 1 separates itself from competitor brands of skin boosters as they contain a multitude of other beneficial nutrients necessary for good skin:

      • Vitamin B6: Non-allergenic co-factor in 140 chemical reactions in cells and is essential for energy production for metabolism in the skin
      • Zinc and Copper: Essential for DNA synthesis and cell division
      • 8 Amino acids: Simulate collagen production; are assimilated into the structure of collagen; modulates healing and tissue remodelling; regulates hydration
      • Anti-oxidants:
        1. Glutathione: Prevents damage to important cellular components by neutralising free radicals​
        2. N-Acetyl-L-cysteine: Essential for glutathione synthesis
        3. Alphalipoic Acid: Increases lifespan of Glutathione

Regular use allows for the promise of smoother, brighter and more plumped up skin – be it on the face, neck, or decolletage area.


1. What does the procedure involve?

The procedure involves the manual injection of Redensity 1 skinbooster to multiple points of the face. Using a tiny single needle, the hyaluronic acid is meticulously placed into the dermis every finger breadth to ensure uniform and thorough hydration of the skin.

2. Is the procedure painful?

The procedure does require the application of numbing cream to the treated area for 30 to 45 minutes prior to the procedure, after which the procedure is largely painless.

3. How long does each session take?

As I only inject with a single needle manually across the face, the procedure can be expected to take 20 to 30 minutes, excluding the time required for numbing. Manual, single needle injection allows for more precise delivery of the product, with as little wastage as possible (otherwise seen in machine-delivered methods, such as the 9-needle gun or air gun).

4. Is there any downtime?

This depends on your current skin quality.

Older, looser skin tends to settle down quickly; you can expect bumps across the face which will settle usually within hours to half a day. Needle marks might be present and can be seen for a few days.

Younger, more taught skin tends to take slightly more time to settle – the bumps of hyaluronic acid can take between half a day to 2 days t completely settle, but needle marks go quicker in younger skin.

In general, make sure you have no social activities for 2 to 3 days after the procedure, especially if its your first time trying the procedure out.

5. Are there any possible side effects?

Side effects are rare and mild.

Some patients may get a temporary redness that settles within hours.

Allergy to the product is rare.

Some may experience bumps from the filler that can take an unexpectedly protracted period to settle, sometimes between 2 to 4 days, but this is rare.

In general, most patients have no issues and recover within the day.

6. Are the results from the skinboosters permanent?

The skin is a living organ – it is constantly being replaced by new cells as time goes by.

As such, Hyaluronic acid deposited and its effects typically have a limited life span. For superficial HA like skin boosters, their effects are visible for up to 3 to 4 months before requiring a repeat procedure.

I typically advise my patients to return for their maintenance session every 3 months to maintain the intended glow.

7. How many sessions are required?

The treatment involves two stages:
1. Initial intensive phase: One session is required monthly for a total of 3 months (ie 1 session a month x 3)

2. Maintenance Phase: One session is required every 3 months

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