Redness and Vessel Reduction

Redness and Vessel Reduction

Other than pigmentation and wrinkles, the skin can also be plagued by sensitivities, resulting in reactive facial redness. Some of us also develop visible vessels that distract from our better features. Here at The Aesthetic Loft, we take the necessary multi-pronged approach in treating these issues.

Rosacea and its associated visible, dilated capillaries can be a tiring issue – it is chronic, recurrent and triggered by what Singapore gives most to us: heat, humidity, caffeine and stress.

Various forms of rosacea exist, and treatment modalities include topical products, oral medication, lasers and IPL, and for the more severe (but luckily, less common) forms, surgery.

Avoiding triggers is still the first advice, and these can include:

  • Heat, humidity
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods or foods containing cinnamaldehydes

Realistically, avoiding these potential triggers are close to impossible. Controlling rosacea is therefore the next best option, and typically require a mix of therapies for good long term control.

Topical Thearpy

As with most chronic issues, topical therapy forms the backbone in the maintenance of Rosacea.
Concurrent topical therapy is advised even if one chooses other therapies such as IPL control of redness.

Oral Medication​

Oral medication can be used to control rosacea, especially that of the papulopustular or recalcitrant cases of rosacea.

Inmode Lumecca IPL

As the strongest IPL in the market, the Lumecca IPL delivers results quicker with less sessions and less side effects. It effectively reduces redness associated with rosacea and closes up small, visible capillaries.

Starwalker Laser System​

With its long pulse system, the StarWalker MaQX is able to target discrete vessels and shut them effectively.

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