What is Profhilo?

As one of the most popular injectable treatments in Europe and awarded the “Anti-wrinkle treatment of 2019”, Profhilo in Singapore is an anti wrinkle skin treatment that boosts skin quality by improving hydration and elasticity. Although containing hyaluronic acid as do fillers, Profhilo has certain characteristics that make it unique and allow it to act much unlike a filler nor a softer skinbooster.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring polysaccharide in the body, aids in maintaining tissue hydration. This natural store and production declines as we age, reducing skin’s quality and resulting in thinner, aged skin. Low viscosity HA are used as skinboosters. These softer fillers are injected to the very surface of the skin to provide hydration and glow for the skin. Over time, they do improve skin quality and texture.

Harder fillers, on the other hand, are placed deeper to provide structural support to the face; the give a certain lift, plump up hollows and restore lost volume.

Profhilo differs from the current HA products in several ways, including:

i) A mixtutre of both high molecular weight HA (32mg of 1100-1400 kDA) and low molecular weight HA (32mg  of 80-100 kDA) – the highest concentration of HA available today

ii) That are stabilised not with chemicals but via a patented thermal process by IBSA

iii) Producing a stabilised Hybrid cooperative complex, with no cross-linking chemical agents

So what does Profhilo do for you?

As a hyaluronic acid, Profhilo hydrates the skin. Apart from that, Profhilo has various other beneficial effects on the skin:

1. Profhilo results in the recruitment of adipocyte (fat) stem cells, improving tissue renewal in the skin

2. It supports keratinocyte viability and promotes wound healing

3. And promotes the production of collagen and elastin by keratinocytes and fibroblasts. In fact, Profhilo stimulates up to 12 times more elastic than when using low or high molecular weight HA alone

As such, Profhilo has effects on the skin and underlying fat to revive tissue. It acts as an anti-ageing treatment in Singapore and anti-wrinkle treatment in Singapore via bio-remodelling processes.

How is it done and what is the treatment schedule like?

Due to its unique properties, Profhilo requires only 5 points of injection per side of the face, and 10 points of injection on the neck.

These points, known as the bio-aesthetic points of injection, are the safe and optimal places for Profhilo placement, reducing discomfort and maximising outcomes.

The injected points appear as raised bumps which fade away over several hours and you’re good to get back to your day!

Suggested treatment Protocol | Aesthetic Loft Clinic

The recommended treatment schedule consists of 2 consecutive treatments a month apart, followed by maintenance sessions every 6 to 9 months.

Patients with more severe laxity may require an extra session in the beginning to maximise outcome.

Longevity of treatment varies between individuals due to lifestyle and intrinsic differences in metabolism.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Profhilo, with its regenerative capabilities, are best combined with other procedures that:
1. Stimulate – such as Ultherapy or the Morpheus 8 Fractional radiofrequency devices
2. Structure – Dermal Fillers help provide structure and lift, while Profhilo rejuvenates the overlying tent of skin effectively as an anti-wrinkle treatment!

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